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Mano Wooden Tray Set

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Mano Tray Set

Simple and chic! Timber trays are the perfect compliment to an "all natural" decor vibe


- Made from Paulownia wood

- Handcrafted

- Recommended for indoor use only

- NATURAL Finish

- Please ensure tray does not come in contact with water

-Large measures (W) 34cm x (H) 3cm x (D) 34cm;

Small Measures (W) 29cm x (D) 2cm x (D) 29cm


NOTE: This is a handcrafted item made from natural materials, and as such each item will have its own unique shape, variance in sizes and natural colour grain. In addition due to the nature of the material, the craftsmen may have used fill to patch any imperfections. Overall, these elements add to the beauty of each piece and they are not considered as an imperfections. These are raw and handcrafted.  These products are not for the fussy customer. Colours will vary due to being a natural product.

 Please note that we order these in as after you place an order. Sometimes our supplier has run out before they pick our order. If this happens a full refund will be given .

please allow up to 14 days handling time.

If you live in an area out of quoted post, an invoice will be sent for the remaining costs.