Batonga Binga Bowl


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 These bowl shaped Binga baskets are hand woven by the Tonga or BaTonga people of Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Traditionally used for carrying grain they are made from natural grasses and fibre, using a simple weave and featuring a coiled rim. Use on the table as a platter or hang on the wall. These two toned baskets are always unique in pattern, you will receive these at random, each pattern is always traditional of the Binga style

Measures approx 30cm diameter x 11cm high

 Styles and patterns will be picked at random Sizes are approx estimates

Please not that we order these in as after you place an order. Sometimes our supplier has run out before they pick our order. If this happens a full refund will be given.

 please allow up to 14 business days handling time.

If you live in a remote area , a PayPal request will be sent for the difference in postage

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