As some of you are aware there are many factors which are delaying shipments getting to our ports . I will try my best to put updates here as soon as we get updated information from our suppliers. Almost 80% of our items are at least 2-6 weeks delayed. We can't apologise enough for this.

Palm Leaf Bedheads - Have been pushed to Early April due to lack of container space on the ships.
Raffles Collection Due January is now pushed back until Early April.
Seville Rounded Cabinet Due February are now Due May.

Inga Arch Mirrors Due February are now Due April
If people continue to refuse to read our Terms & Conditions we will be forced to remove our freight and the customer will then have to organise their own to get their parcels to them. In order for you to get your item, a courier service is needed. We are not that service. This is an extra service and we are not responsible for this mishandlings of these services. You are more than welcome to arrange your own.